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Amid the Grecian mountains
Where loud Eurotas rolled,
And lovely Lacedaimon
The Spartan plain controlled,
Word of the poet came
That stirred her youth aflame
"You have Sparta for your birthplace
Do honour to her name"
Hanc Exorna!

But when lordly Lacedaimon
Had yielded place to Rome
And the banner of the victor
Floated o'er her humbled home,
Great Cicero's silver pen
Recalled to his countrymen,
"Where'er your lot and birthplace,
Do honour to her name."
Hanc Exorna!

Now Rome's Imperial Eagle
Soars o'er the world no more,
But Freedom, Truth and Honour
Stand stronger than of yore,
Across the gulf of time
Still ring the words sublime,
"You have England for you birthplace
Do honour to her name."
Hanc Exorna!

But among the vales of England
There is none to us so dear
As where Thames River broadens
To leap his latest weir;
'Tis here we nurture fame
And to all the world proclaim
"Thames Valley is our birthplace,
Do honour to her name."
Hanc Exorna!

We scholars of Thames Valley
Have here our race begun,
And may we do it honour
Before that race is run;
Here where the present flowers
The future now is ours,
As we play life's game by one clear rule -
To "Honour This," our School.
Hanc Exorna!